Do you prep the site? If so, what do you do?

Sandman Paving and Sealcoating preps the site immediately, before we begin the project. We will start by first covering any shrubs, plants and landscaping that the homeowner has requested us to do, then we start cleaning the asphalt surface completely. We will remove any oil or gas spots with a deep cleaning. We will then clean the entire surface with a bristle brush. Once that has been completed, we will fill any cracks. It is important for the cracks to be filled, so the repair or sealcoating will not fail soon after. If any patching needs to be done, we do this, too. Once we have cleaned, patched and filled any cracks and holes we make sure the asphalt drains properly. This is important to check, so water doesn’t sit on top of the asphalt. Once all of the prep is completed, we can start the project.

Sandman Paving and Sealcoating goes through a list of prep before we even start working on any asphalt driveway. We do this so the project that we are working on will be durable, attractive, and long lasting. Our customers don’t need to worry about us not prepping the asphalt. We also give each customer a satisfaction guarantee along with a warranty on each asphalt project.

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