New Plow Business Requires Best Elgin Asphalt Company

Recently, Sandman Asphalt Paving & Seal Coating was contacted by an Elgin tow truck driver. The driver explained that he had been working overtime, weekends, and finally saved enough money to buy a new truck with a plow. He had been trying to do this for quite some time, and finally he reached his goal, but he was thinking that he needed an improved and expanded surface to park the new truck and plow, and what he intended to ben an expanding fleet, because the new truck and plow would provide him with making more money to expand his fleet. He called Sandman Paving & Seal Coating for quality asphalt Elgin entrepreneurs can count on for commercial purposes.

Sandman Paving & Seal Coating ensured the driver that we could indeed expand his surface, and improve it, so it he could park heavy duty trucks on it without any fears. The Sandman Paving & Seal Coating crew arrived at the home, and started the asphalt paving process. The crew was able to successfully have the larger surface parking finished within just a few days. We installed a larger surface at his home, and now he is ready to work hard this winter serving his neighbor with a valuable service in the community. He was ecstatic over the larger parking surface, and thrilled to have found an affordable and reliable asphalt Elgin company that met all his needs. The tow truck driver is looking forward to winter coming, so he can use his new equipment.

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