Contractor for Asphalt in Schaumburg requested by Rental Company

Recently, Sandman Asphalt Paving & Seal Coating was contacted by a party equipment rental company in Schaumburg. The party equipment rental company had decided that necessary repairs needed to be a big part of their strategy for 2016. Their loading dock area was the first repair that needed to be done, so they called the best company for asphalt Schaumburg is serviced by, which is Sandman Asphalt Paving & Seal Coating.

The expert team from Sandman Asphalt Paving & Seal Coating arrived at the company’s site and looked over the dock. We gave the owners an estimate that they couldn’t refuse and they hired us. The Sandman Asphalt Paving & Seal Coating crew arrived on the day that the rental company requested and started the repairs.  We were able to repair and patch their asphalt surfaces, then we gave them several tips on how to maintain its durability and safety so the asphalt will last them a very long time and to reduce costly repairs in the future. The owners were thrilled to learn the tips that we provided and were impressed with the exceptional asphalt services that we provided for them. The owners of the company said that they are glad that they called the best asphalt company Schaumburg businesses could depend upon to provide an honest price and outstanding work, which is Sandman Asphalt Paving & Seal Coating. The owners plan on having us back a few months down the road, so we could do other repairs around their business.

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